Our Group Fitness Classes provide you social interaction while you continue your path to better health. Here are some examples of what you can expect when you come to get Wedgewood fit in our outstanding Group Fitness Classes: 

Bootcamp:  Multi-level interval class incorporating weights and cardio.   
Bootcamp Pyramid:  This class builds throughout to take you to the limit with strength and cardio endurance. 
Core & More:  This challenging class will burn out your abs and a lot more. 
Kettle Combo:  An interval full body workout that utilizes kettle bells.
Kicks for Kids:  This basic martial arts class for kids focuses on striking & kicking skills programmed in a fitness format.  Ages 10 & up.
Men’s Golf Conditioning & Power:  This class is designed to generate and enhance your rate of force production for your golf swing.  Focus is on longer distance and reduced strokes.
Monster Bootcamp:   This ultimate indoor/outdoor circuit workout will include boxing, cardio, and strength training for fat burning and cardio endurance.  Bill will push you to your limit.
Pop Pilates   This faster moving pilates class is a total body workout and will increase your flexibility, strengthen your core and tone your legs and arms while you workout to top 40s hits.
Strength & Stretch:  This low impact class focuses on slow, controlled stretches and light weights. 
Strictly Strength:  Get a swimsuit physique with this killer workout with heavy weights and lower reps. 
Tabata Combo:  Tabata/Circuit Fusion | 20 minutes of Tabata followed by 25 minutes of circuit fusion.  Tabata is a high intensity interval workout that is 20 seconds of high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest for four minutes.  In-between sets you’ll rest for one minute.  
Total Body Circuit:  This challenging workout includes all the muscles and will increase your strength, power, and cardio capacity. 
Yoga, Relax & Restore:  Slow, controlled stretching and breathing will help you relax after a long stressful day.  It will also help you sleep better.
Yoga, Stretch:   Slow controlled movements that can help reduce pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis.  Stretching slowly through your full range.  Great for any level. 
Zumba/Hip Hop:  Energy-filled cardio workout involving dance and aerobic movements that will challenge you while having fun.

To reserve your spot in any of these classes please sign up at the fitness desk, on the Wedgewood Mobile App, or call 614.793.9600, Option 6.

Please click here to view the Group Fitness Calendar.