Our Group Fitness Classes provide you social interaction while you continue your path to better health. Here are some examples of what you can expect when you come to get Wedgewood fit in our outstanding Group Fitness Classes: 

Hot Yoga: Experience a slightly more vigorous form of yoga performed in a very warm room. This class will consist of different types of standing and stretching combinations.
Pyramid Pump and Perform: Take your strength training to the next level. Experience different combinations of moves and repetitions variations to build a stronger body.
Barre Burn: Challenging isometric strength movements and balance exercises combined with high repetitions through a small and controlled range of motion. A Ballet-inspired format that will target major muscles as well as smaller stabilizers.
Dance Fusion: Energy-filled cardio workout involving dance and aerobic movements that will challenge you while having fun.
Strength Express: This class is a great way to build on your current strength training program. Experience different exercise methods that will build on each other to create a more powerful body in an express format.
Yoga Stretch: This style of yoga incorporates many forms of yoga while placing emphasis on your breathing and relaxation.
Kickboxing Bootcamp: Take your kickboxing to the cardio extreme. This class is set up like a circuit that will give you an overall bootcamp feel with mitt work; kickboxing kicks and kickboxing training moves.
Tabata Strength: This class will be a combination of cardio and weights in the traditional Tabata format. You will get a full body combo workout with this class.
Shred Interval: Shred those unwanted pounds while you are strength training. Spinning: This is a great cardio class that will strengthen your legs and your heart. This is a paid class.

*The Green Classes will alternate instructors at times* 

To reserve your spot in any of these classes please sign up at the fitness desk, on the Wedgewood Mobile App, or call 614.793.9600, Option 6.

Please click here to view the Group Fitness Calendar.