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Updated Restrictions 6/2/20

Wedgewood’s Fitness Center strives to provide the ultimate fitness experience in our beautifully renovated, 6,000 square foot facility. Our mission is to ensure that all members find a pace that is right for them and commit to a healthy way.

The upper level of the Fitness Center encompasses nearly 3,000 square feet of exercise space with magnificent views overlooking the golf course that will awaken your senses while you log those important workouts. On the lower level you will find lively group classes taking place in the aerobic studio as well as our KidsZone space where kids will stay entertained for hours. Also on the lower lever is a dedicated Massage/Stretching room. The facility is attached to both main locker areas of the Clubhouse as well as the Golf Pro Shop.

There are so many options for every level of fitness at the Wedgewood Fitness Center. We will help you get Wedgewood fit!

Michele Cannell Blog

Sports Conditioning at Home

Soccer and Lacrosse 

Tennis Conditioning: Hips

Tennis and Golf

Golf and Tennis


Tennis Conditioning: Stretching

Glut Extreme Workout

Leg Mania

Yoga with Weights

Kettlebell Class

Treadmill wiht Upper Body Interval

Rowing Bootcamp

Rowing Tabata Class

Quarantine 15 Under 15

Quarantine 15 Challenge Explanation

Quarantine 15 TP Workout

Quarantine 15 Water Workout

Park Workouts

Liberty Park Mini Bootcamp 

This will take roughly 60 minutes and burn 400-800 calories depending on your level

Arbor Ridge Park Bootcamp

Adventure Park Interval Workout

Wellness Education

Knowing Your Macros

What are Compounding Exercises and Why Should I do them?

Intermitent Fasting: Fact Checking

Functional Training is for Everyone

Static Strectching vs. Dynamic Stretching

Low Reps vs. High Reps in Strength Training

Intro to Online Fitness| March 19                                                                                       


Mat Pilates
(You will need: a mat, ball and light weights)

Power Yoga
(You will need: a mat, yoga block and a yoga band)

Upper Body
(You will need: a band with handles and theraband)

Leg Circuit
(You will need: a chair, bench/step and two sets of dumbells)

Bootcamp Build

Spinning Mountain Intervals Click Here for the Music

Zumba 1 by Missi (Special Thanks to Erin Schaffner)

Upper Body Strength Pyramid
(You will need: four sets of weights and a bench)

Leg Strength Pyramid
(You will need: a mat, bench and three sets of dumbells)

Mat PiYo
(You will need: a mat)

Yoga for Balance
(You will need: a mat)

(You will need: three sets of weights Optional: bar)


Spin Intervals

Bootcamp Shred

Max Set Intervals Upper Body
(You will need: three sets of weights, furniture glider/towels, plate, bench and mat)

Max Set Intervals Lower Body
(You will need: three sizes of weight sets, furniture gliders or towels, bench, plate and bar)

Buti Yoga Level 1
(You will need: mat and two sets of bands)

Buti Yoga Level 2
(You will need: mat and two sets of bands)

Kickboxing Level 1

Kickboxing Level 2

Stretching with Yoga
You will need: Foam Roller or Tightly Rolled Mat, Stability Ball, Small Ball, and Towel

Cardio Tabata
Playlist for Workout

Strength Circuit Full Body
You will need: 4 sets of weights, mat, bar with plates if possible and bench, chair or stairs

Yoga with a Ball
You will need: yoga mat and exercise ball

Treadmill Interval Workout

20 Day Fitness Challenge
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

For information regarding personal training, massage, or stretching please contact our Director of Fitness, Michele Cannell, at You can also reach out to Cody by clicking here for personal training and stretching. 

Fitness Guest Fee: $10.00