Membership Reference

Membership Reference

These documents were created by the Wedgewood Golf & Country Club Board of Directors, on behalf of the entire membership, to help ensure safe use and enjoyment of our facilities. We have adopted the following rules and regulations that we require all of our members to accept upon joining Wedgewood, and to follow throughout their membership.

2021 Dues and Fees

Important Notes Regarding KidsZone
This document contains information regarding KidsZone operation and useage.

Bylaws of Wedgewood Golf & Country Club
This document contains the Bylaws that governs the Wedgewood Board of Directors.

Rules and Policies of Wedgewood Golf & Country Club 
This document contains information regarding all policies Wedgewood members and their guests are expected to adhere to regarding rules of the golf course, clubhouse and dining facilities.

Active Golf Membership Waitlist Policy​